Quyen Vo (Gwen)

Hanoi, Viet Nam

About Me

My name is Gwen Vo. I am interested in learning languages and helping people to learn languages

Me as a Teacher

7 years of experience in providing online Vietnamese and Chinese tutoring to students of different levels, ages. 5 years on Italki I also have 5 years working as a freelance Chinese / English / Vietnamese interpreter.

My Lessons & Teaching Style

I use the latest methods and effective techniques. My lessons are tailored made to students’ levels. In my classes, I encourage students to speak as much as they can. I also combine grammar and vocabulary on my teaching material with everyday speaking situations to help my students be comfortable speaking the language. If you need my help or have any questions about the language or the country, please feel free to contact me!

My Teaching Material


Pronunciation 5 lessons

A-Level 10 lessons

B-Level 10 lessons

free talk 10 lessons


Janice Read More
Every class with Gwen is full of fun. Her extensive knowledge of Mandarin and Korean helps fuel our conversation beyond the simple acquisition of pronounciation. Always very fruitful discussion and exchanges on cross-cultural observations. I was initially concerned about not having a “professional teacher” to kickstart a new language. But Gwen exceeded expectations in every possible way. Highly recommended!!
Tariq Read More
As a Vietnamese learner, you might have realized that pronunciation is not an easy task. I had very refreshing pronunciation sessions with Gwen. She guided me step by step in order to fix and correct several issues with my Vietnamese pronunciations. Gwen is very professional and patient. Highly recommended
Dylan Read More
Quyen is such an amazing teacher, each lesson I feel more and more confident to not only speak but read and write Vietnams. I would highly recommend Quyen to anyone who is wish to start or continue learning Vietnamese.
Mike S.
Mike S. Read More
Very solid lesson today! She’s very good at asking good questions to keep the conversation going 🙂