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Master Your Vietnamese Pronunciation

master your vietnamese pronunciation

official course launching: 23 May, 2021

“I want to learn Vietnamese but do not know where to start”;

“I stumble over pronouncing a new word”;

“I’m not confident in my pronunciation to make conversation in Vietnamese”;

“Some words are pronounced so similarly that sometimes I can’t understand what Vietnamese people say”.

Does any of those sound familiar to you?? 


About this course

We believe proper pronunciation is the key to mastering the Vietnamese language. With correct pronunciation, the vocabulary that you know will be more effective when communicating. If you are ready to impress people with your Vietnamese pronunciation, this course will be the best companion to start your journey towards proper pronunciation and mastery of the Vietnamese language.

Target level

From Newbie to Upper-Intermediate

What You can achieve

  • Pronounce any Vietnamese word properly; 
  • Know and memorize the Vietnamese alphabet;
  • Master the pronunciation rules in Vietnamese;
  • Distinguish 6 tones and how to use them in Vietnamese;
  • Distinguish the basic pronunciation between Southern and Northern Vietnamese accent;
  • Practice with our native tutors and have them correct your pronunciation.

This course includes

  • 15 video lessons
  • A PDF file of lesson notes
  • Practice exercise
  • Quizzes
  • Flashcards
  • 1 private lesson with 1 of our tutors
  • Certificate of completion


Course Language


What our students say

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The pronunciation course provided very good materials and explanation. After the course, I can pronounce the Vietnamese words with very very few mistakes. The instructor speaks very fluent English, that makes the communication very smooth.
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In the pronunciation course, you will be able to pronuncie a number of consonant+vowel+tone groupings by the end of your 1st lesson. In addition to the logical way in which the instructor lays out her pronunciation classes, she offers another major benefit: she doesn’t rush this stage of the language. Many teachers will try to cover the entire alphabet and all the tones in 1 lesson. This course doesn’t. The course is divided in a manner that promotes long-term retention. I would highly recommend the course for learning pronunciation.
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As a Vietnamese learner, you might have realized that pronunciation is not an easy task. I had very refreshing pronunciation sessions with the course. It guided me step by step in order to fix and correct several issues with my Vietnamese pronunciations. Highly recommended!
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The instructor is really good at helping me to understand the pronunciation rules - She's very thorough and I feel like after each lesson I have a pretty good handle on how to say things in Vietnamese. There's a lot of nuance that can be easily missed, so I really liked that this series is solely dedicated to pronouncing words - I feel like I can roughly guestimate how to say most words now in Vietnamese, even if I dont understand them.

How much it costs

$ 49
  • Life-time access video course
  • Student's note for each lesson
  • Add-on materials: audio/ practice exercise/ quiz
  • Flashcard with pictures/ audio for the example words
  • 01 private lesson with 1 of our tutors