Vietnamese Pronunciation Guide – with Quyen Vo




This course is an essential course that is designed for absolute beginners. The course includes 5 lessons, each lesson is one hour long.
This course contains:
– 1-1 online video lesson (in English / Chinese)
– Pdf student notebook
– Exercises
– Audio for practicing
After this course, you can:
– Understand the Vietnamese alphabet
– Read Vietnamese words. (you might not be able to understand every word, but you will know how to pronounce it correctly). I will provide a lot of tips and explanations so that you can apply it easily.
– Differentiate 6 tones in Vietnamese
– Have a basic Vietnamese vocabulary list (~ 50 words)
– Be confident to move on to the next level course
Note: If you are not a beginner but still have trouble with the pronunciation and need to work on it from the root, you are more than welcome to take this course.